Code of Conduct

Aquilon Services Ltd. is committed to high standards of ethical behaviour in the conduct of its business. The Code of Conduct reflects the values of Aquilon Services Ltd.

Conduct with Clients and Suppliers

  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will only undertake project assignments when it has the capability to carry out the work either solely or in collaboration with others.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will endeavour to avoid conflict of interest, both as a company and as an individual, and will inform its client of any known conflict of interest in the execution of our work. Aquilon Services Ltd. will act with equity, fairness, courtesy, and good faith towards clients, suppliers, and business associates.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will respect client confidentiality provisions in its contracts.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will expect suppliers, agents, consortia members, joint venture participants, and subcontractors working with it to behave in a manner consistent with this code of conduct.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will endeavour to encourage our clients to undertake projects in a sustainable manner.

Conduct toward Industry

  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will compete fairly within our industry and will offer services on the basis of qualifications and experience.
  • When Aquilon Services Ltd. is engaged by a client to critically review the work of another professional or firm, Aquilon Services Ltd. will inform that professional or firm of the commission at an appropriate time in accordance with local professional ethical standards and legal requirements.

Conduct as a Member of Society

  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will act in accordance with applicable existing laws in the Province of Alberta and Canada.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will endeavor to recognize and encourage the principle of sustainability.
  • Aquilon Services Ltd. will not engage in acts of corruption or bribery.