Riparian Health Assessments

Riparian areas are the lands adjacent to streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands, where the vegetation and soils are strongly influenced by the presence of water.  Although they make up only a small fraction of the land, they are among the most productive and valuable of all landscape types.
Riparian zones perform a multitude of functions, which include:
  • sediment retention;
  • streambank and shoreline stabilization;
  • water flow and water level maintenance;
  • aquifer recharge;
  • water quality improvement;
  • wildlife habitat; and
  • education and human enjoyment.
All too often, riparian zones along streams, creeks, and lakes are impacted as a result of human and animal encroachment.
Aquilon Services Ltd. can assist developers, agricultural and livestock operations, industrial operations, resource exploration and extraction operations (oil, natural gas, coalbed methane, timber, minerals), and municipalities (Counties, Municipal Districts, cities, towns and villages) in assessing the health of riparian zones and protecting these valuable habitats, while striving for a balance between socio-economic growth and the sustainable management of these natural ecosystems to ensure their long-term health and enjoyment by future generations.