Mushroom/Mold Identification

Fungi, often referred to as mushrooms, molds and mildews, are ubiquitous organisms that grow nearly everywhere. Most fungi are decomposers of organic matter, plant and animal parasites and pathogens and root-associated partners of most plants and fulfill a myriad of important ecosystems functions; however, they are often feared, regarded as a nuisance, and can cause significant damage to vegetation, buildings, and structures.

I have conducted mycological research for over 15 years and published several papers on fungal biodiversity, the roles of fungi in ecosystems, as well as an Atlas of Microfungi, which will be used as an educational tool at the University of Alberta.  In addition, I have been a member of the Alberta Mycological Society and have participated in numerous mushroom forays and identification workshops across Alberta.

Do you have mushrooms growing on your lawn or on your trees and shrubs? What is that black mold on your drywall? Aquilon Services Ltd. provides consultation services that include the identification of fungi and their roles and offers options to manage fungi in an urban setting.